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We can help you stay focused on the future of financial services – one that is stronger, fairer and more sustainable.


About Gopherwood Capital

We can help you stay focused on the future of financial services - one that is stronger, fairer and more sustainable.

Amid sweeping regulatory change, today’s financial services institutions are focusing on digital transformation, convergence and disruption from an array of nontraditional competitors — all while meeting greater demands for trust and transparency.

To address this delicate balance of issues, our global team of business strategists, technologists and industry leaders bring fresh thinking and sector knowledge across banking and capital markets, insurance, and wealth and asset management. The results are seamless collaboration, innovative problem solving, breakthrough performance gains and sustainable value creation.

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To enlighten mankind in their financial disbursement and to upskill in a disciplined system. To overcome future Inflation with ease through savings and investment schemes.


It is to make mankind financially independent and help clients reach their goals by illuminating, through the best investment and saving plans, and to get free financially.


Financial practice areas

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Saving Plans

Savings plans are financial products designed to enable disciplined savings while delivering steady returns that help you achieve your financial goals. As they are primarily a life insurance product, these plans also ensure the financial security of your loved ones in case something happens to you.

Investment plans

An investment Plan, in general terms, is the creation or buying of assets to grow your money over a period of time. Investments, along with the potential of solving future financial problems, helps in creating exponential financial backing if done at the right time in the right asset.

Business Ideas

Have you been searching for the right unique business ideas to try ? You are in luck because you are at the right place we’ are here to help you choose the correct Business ideas that are worth giving a try. Starting a business comes with numerous perks. You own your time, get a chance to do what you truly love, and most importantly, increase your earning capacity.

Stock Market Training

Certification in Online Stock Market for Beginners is a perfectly designed stock market basics course, to create a powerful knowledge bank on various tools and techniques required to understand the functioning of capital markets. Learning from us will empower you to grow your market sense, advance yourself and improve your financial literacy.



we work with 5 simple steps

At Gopherwood Capital, we take a disciplined, comprehensive approach to your financial needs. We believe our interactive process can help you understand where you are today and what steps you need to take in pursuit of your goals. We run our practice like a doctor’s office. We gather the information, analyze it and then make recommendations.

Identify & Prioritize

Before talking about investments and financial strategies, we want to first learn more about you. We take the time to discover your risk profile, analyze your issues and concerns and evaluate the goals you want to achieve in the future.

Analyze & Evaluate Your Assets

Following, we take a look at your financial picture, from account statements to tax returns. We evaluate where you are today, determine what steps you need to take in the future, and analyze any gaps.

Strategize & Develop
a Plan

Once we understand your goals and your financial circumstances, we develop a plan and review your strategy options. We share our recommendations, including the reasoning, and answer any questions you may have.

Activate & Implement a Strategy

After we have finalized and agreed upon your strategies, we implement your plan and transfer existing accounts. Soon after, we meet to organize your financial paperwork, set up your online wealth management account, and discuss your ongoing review meeting schedule.

Monitor & Adjust Your Success

We regularly monitor your financial plan and communicate with you throughout the year. Through proactive calls and meetings, we ensure we are up-to-date with any life changes you experience.


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Word from our clients

M Hudas Khan

Gopherwood Capital's approach of identifying our future needs/goals and then working out how to achieve them is a vital approach to reduce the lottery of financial planning.

Rahul Khanna

Since investing with Gopherwood Capital, we have worked together to get a clear understandable plan for our future which gives us confidence and security knowing what kind of lifestyle we can lead.

Rahul Khanna

We have been with Gopherwood Capital now for three years. His small team have made an effort to get to know us and so the service we receive feels very personal.


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